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Nuku Hiva

The Marquesas, or Henua Enata meaning "Land of Men", are a group of ‘high islands’, known for their spire-like green peaks rising from the deep indigo Pacific ocean.   Just 1500 km from Tahiti, Nuku Hiva is a mystic island where natural wonders abound such as 1000-foot waterfalls cascade down sheer volcanic cliffs, or towering mountains disappearing mysteriously in the clouds.

Nuku Hiva is the largest island in the Marquesas archipelago with 330 sq. km. (127 sq. miles) of surface area. Its beauty from the sea or in the air high above the island is truly breathtaking. The 2,500 inhabitants live in Taiohae, Taipivai, Hatiheu, Aakapa, Pua, Hooumi, Anaho and Hakaui, where they work for the government, the community, the Catholic church or school system or for themselves chopping copra high in the mountains, fishing, raising cattle and other livestock or sculpting bowls, platters, Marquesan ceremonial clubs, "tikis" and “ukuleles”.

Sundays and holidays are just as busy as any other day. Villagers drive back and forth along the seafront road in their 4-wheel drive vehicles, calling out to their friends possibly stopping to join the on going game of petanque, a French ball game like bacci, played under a flowering flamboyant tree in front of the town hall. Nearby the women sit under a shelter and win money playing bingo. 


Hôtel location

Located in a manificent tropical garden, the Keikahanui Nuku Hiva Pearl Lodge overlooks the bay and village of Taiohae and the black sandy beach lying 50 steps below.


Each bungalow are built with local materials and each of them have carvings by a different artist from the Marquesas Islands.

Appreciate this typical atmosphere found in the Marquesas with modern comforts.


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